NaCoMe Retreat

Here's everything you need to know about the Church Family Retreat 2019 at NaCoMe!

There is a sign-up sheet outside the church office. Please let us know of your interest so we can plan accordingly!

When is the Church Family Retreat?  Friday-Sunday, September 27-29, 2019 

Where is the NaCoMe campground?  It is located in Pleasantville, TN, which is near Linden.

Can I go for part of the weekend?  Yes!  Whatever time frame fits your schedule, you can come for the entire weekend, or just a day and night... or just a day! 

Is there a cost?  Yes, if you go for the entire weekend, the cost is $90.00 This includes lodging and meals and all the fun activities. (We do make allowances for families of 3 or more.)

If you are just there for Saturday during the day, you just pay for your meals. Breakfast -- $8.00; Lunch -- $9.00 & Dinner -- $10.00

If you come on Friday afternoon and stay until Saturday afternoon, you would pay $45.00. Same is true if you come Saturday and stay until close of camp on Sunday.  

Scholarships are potentially available if you need help with the cost.


Do we stay in tents or cabins/lodges?  We stay in a cabin. Each bedroom can sleep 8 people.  Each room has its own bathroom.

What about the beds?  There is one full-size bed in each room.  The others are bunk beds. It’s first come, first serve!

Do they provide linens and towels, etc?  No, you must bring them.  They do provide TP, Kleenex and hand soap.

What are the cabins like?  The cabins are new or renovated.  They are centrally heated and cooled.  There is a large gathering room in addition to the bedrooms.  There is usually a porch with rocking chairs and a swing.

What will we be doing? We have planned activities, but participation is not required. You can be there just for the fellowship, quiet time, enjoying nature.  BUT, you're probably going to want to join in on some of the fun!   

What are some of the planned activities?  After getting settled on Friday and after dinner, we usually play board games and such.  Saturday we have 2 specific times when we meet together to discuss our thoughts/opinions/ideas about our study.   We experience the Giant Swing and we canoe/kayak. 

What will we be studying? We have selected It's Complicated by John Haberer. If you would like a study book, they will be available for $15. 

Is there free time?  Yes. NaCoMe  has many walking trails, places to explore, and overall is a great place to just be with yourself and God.

Is there a lot of walking?  Yes, but in some instances, we are able to drive around the camp should transportation be needed.

How is the food?  GREAT!  Never had a complaint.

Can they work with my dietary restrictions?  Yes.  We just need to know ahead of time so they can plan for them.

Are there actual worship services?  Yes, on Sunday morning we meet in a quaint, beautiful chapel for a brief service.  We sing (they furnish hymnals and a keyboard) and someone speaks.  On Saturday night, we have a bonfire and s’mores and usually there are worshipful thoughts exchanged then.

Is there a gift shop?  Yes, many of us have t-shirts to prove it!

More questions? Contact Dianne Cothran!