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Dear Family,

These are troubling times. None of us has experienced a pandemic, so there are no rules, and no previous experience from which to draw. We listen to the experts who give us guidance from a scientific, medical, sociological, or political viewpoint. And we, who maintain faith in the Holy One, hold that guidance in addition to our faith in the God who is bigger than this, or any pandemic.  

Your Session members met following worship on Sunday. We brainstormed and shared hope for the decisions we would make together - none of which are easy. We are aware that many of us, although grieving about not seeing or hugging one another for several weeks or more, are willing and able to connect with church members on our phones, our tablets, or our computers. Some are not able to do that. Still, your Session is enthusiastic about maintaining contact with you, whatever form it takes. For we are the Family of God, and we intend to look out for one another.

The Presbytery of Middle Tennessee is encouraging all churches to cancel any and all church gatherings which involve 10+ people, for the next eight weeks. We are prepared to follow that guideline. That would carry us into the middle of May. Prior to that date, we will undoubtedly have more information, and there could be updates and/or changes to this plan. But, whenever the First Presbyterian Church, Gallatin resumes worship, that Sunday will be celebrated as our Easter Sunday! That Sunday we will gather and we will raise our joyous "alleluias!" together.

This means that all committees, all classes, all clubs, all worship services and church-related activities held on the property are cancelled until we can figure all of this out. As of today, the Preschool remains open. If you choose to meet as a group, we hope you'll make good choices by keeping distance from one another, by using sanitizer before and after your meeting, by staying away completely if you have any suggestion of illness, or might be coming down with something. I believe that God intends for us to take care of one another, by taking care of ourselves.

The church offices will be kept open daily, as along as we can do so. The Pastor is available by phone, text or email. I remind you that our bills will still need to be paid. And the Preschool is facing challenges because when parents pull their children out, their monthly fee is no longer available. So, the Preschool is already feeling the anguish of having insufficient funds to make payroll, and that must be addressed very soon.  

Remember, dear ones, that God is not surprised by any of this. God is aware and is speaking to researchers, medical personnel, politicians, and to the virus itself. There is a plan - there always is. And this plan, like all God's plans, is a good one. We will send you specific information as soon as we have it.

God is in your present, loving you. God is in your past, forgiving you. God is in your future, calling you. We are God's own, and we serve God's church.


Candice L. Klein



Coronavirus Response


After much, much discussion and weighing of options and considering the concerns and needs of our church from all the many angles, your church elders have decided to continue with Sunday morning services, for the time being. As you know as you follow the news, this is an ongoing situation and reports change daily. If Session learns something new of particular concern, we may have to revise our decision. For now, we will continue to hold Sunday morning services at 10:00 a.m.

That said -- we take the coronavirus very seriously, and we want you to do so as well. We leave the choice of whether to attend in your hands, and we hope that our decision to hold services does not influence you to do anything other than what you feel is best for you, your family, and our community. There are many ways to worship God. You do not have to attend services to be “the church”.

For those who do attend, we will be doing our best to practice "social distancing", so we ask you to wave instead of shaking hands. Avoid touching your face. Avoid touching others. Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. And please, if you are under the weather at all, stay at home. If you are in categories related to age and/or health conditions that make you higher risk, we encourage you to read the information at before deciding to attend.

Decisions about Sunday School classes, choir practice, and other gatherings are being discussed, so we’ll keep you informed about that. Most activities other than Sunday morning service will be canceled or postponed, which means we will not be meeting on Wednesday evenings for our Bible Study and the upcoming Women's Luncheon has been postponed.

If you have access to Facebook, we will be disseminating information there and on our website at Please check there for updated information, especially before attending. You will also find the audio of the Sunday morning service on the website. It’s usually posted by the Monday following service, so if you can’t attend, you can still enjoy the sermon.

Dearest church family, this is not only a test of our faith, but of our faithfulness. It is an opportunity to rethink who we are as a church family and how we can share the love of Christ with those around us, even though that looks different today than it did yesterday. It is a time to count our blessings and be the body of Christ.

Let's be loving. Let's be prayerful. And let's be joyful, always.

-- Jennifer Anderson, Ruling Elder