photo courtesy of Richard Suter

Candice Lynn Klein

While she was born in Tennessee, she did not grow up here but did return to the University of Tennessee for her undergraduate degree majoring in English and Education with a minor in French.  She received her Masters of Divinity from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  She also holds a Clinical Pastoral Education Certification from the West Virginia University Hospitals.

She was ordained in 2009.  Since that time, she has served two (2) churches as their installed pastor, one in Henderson, Texas and one in Huntsville, Alabama.  While in seminary, she was a temporary supply pastor for two (2) churches and served another church as secretary, so she has seen the job from both sides.  She has served on various presbytery committees as well as interchurch ministry boards.  She is well versed in Presbyterian theology and polity although not a cradle Presbyterian.  She came to the denomination in 1990 from the Methodist church.

Candice is considered a second career minister as she worked several years until she heard God’s call on her life.  It is her opinion God wastes nothing and because of her life experiences, she brings to us her abilities in the pulpit, her skills in one-on-one ministry as a Certified Chaplain, and her natural abilities as a teacher, her learned skills as a paperwork keeper, her sales knowledge to market our church to the community of Gallatin, and her knowledge of many fields because she interacted with many people in corporate America. 

Candice is a very welcoming person.  She is easy to talk with as well as a good listener.  She receives you where you are.  She seems self-assured and very capable.  She has wonderful humor, is a great storyteller, and has a passion for worship, proclamation, outreach, and pastoral care.  She also has a great smile. 

While not currently married, Candice told us having a man in her life would be nice, not because she needed him, but to share life’s path with him.  Her companion at this time is a very cute dog named Molly. She does not have children.

In her words, she is looking for believers typified by generosity, wonder, and a love of laughter.  It is her belief that young women will benefit from her struggles; mature women will identify with her journey; teens will connect with her humor; men will expand their discipleship; people of varying economic and educational levels will allow her to use her gifts more broadly. She also believes that God has equipped her to guide and care for a church of volunteers, to know them more deeply, and minister to all whom God treasures. She values traditional, celebratory worship, with Bible-based sermons connecting history with present day, and a wide variety of beautiful music.

The following are excerpts from Candice’s statement of faith.

I believe in the majestic, gracious, inexhaustible God, the Creator of all that is, the only One worthy of worship and praise, the great I Am, who is the author of the cosmos, the developer of all things, the sustainer of all life in this world and the next, who existed before time and will endure forever.

I believe Jesus Christ is God; the Word incarnate, the Messiah.

I believe that the Holy Spirit is our enduring connection to God, who buoys our faith while reminding us of God’s mercy and goodness. 

I believe that Scripture is the divinely inspired and authoritative Word of God and is a living document, containing the formula and the narrative that allow us to learn of God, to deepen our relationship with God, and to live as daughters and sons of the King. I believe that interpretation of Scripture is guided by the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

 I believe in the mystery of the Triune God. I believe in the sovereignty of God and the sanctity of the cross. I believe in justification by grace through faith, and unending love that leads to enthusiastic and joyful service. I believe that I have been called to serve God and that I have a responsibility to make a difference in community with others because of that calling. And I believe that only because of what I believe, am I capable of living a life true to that calling.

The decision to recommend Candice as our next installed pastor was a unanimous decision by our committee.  She impressed us with her passion for the Lord, her knowledge and her caring attitude.  She has the experience in the church and in life to move us forward.


Reformed Worship has only one audience:  God

For over 180 years we have gathered as a community of faith to do the work of worship.  We seek to shape worship but God in corporate worship shapes us.  We do not come to consume religious goods and services we come to follow Jesus Christ with lives given in worship.

We gather, we confess our sins before God, we reconcile with each other and pass the peace, we praise God, we recite liturgy and ancient confessions, we celebrate the sacraments and listen to the Word proclaimed.  All this is done for God alone: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Sacraments:  The Lord's Supper (First Sunday); Baptism

The Word Proclaimed:  Biblical sermons preached from the Lectionary

The Music:  Variety of styles (mostly traditional) with special music, the Organ, the Chancel Choir and contemporary forms

The Fellowship:  Passing the Peace, Cares and Concerns

Kirkin' o' the Tartans    The Kirkin' is an annual celebration of our Scottish heritage.