Habitat For Humanity

On Saturday, June 3rd, nine hardy representatives of First Presbyterian Church Gallatin completed the landscaping for their 5th annual Apostles Build with Habitat for Humanity of Sumner County.

The yard was cleaned. Trees and shrubs were planted. Flowers and ornamental grass were added with mulch. Meanwhile, the yard was raked and soil was added where needed to make the yard level. Fertilizer was spread and the lawn was seeded. Then the task was completed by spreading hay over the lawn area and watering the trees, shrubs, flowers and monkey grass.

Volunteering for Habitat is much more than work. Laughter and fun are major parts of the fellowship of those on the job site. This particular build was called an Apostles Build as several churches teamed together, along with the homeowner and family who contribute "sweat equity". Much like the NFL, each church represented "special teams", each being called on for specific parts of the process.


We were one of 12 churches in Sumner County contributing to the build. The home, located at 607 Rucker St., Gallatin, is being built
for Lisa Harris, a grandmother raising her three grandsons.

Thanks to Bob Young for organizing the group and Anna Dismukes for 'supervising' the project!