Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Opportunities

Connectin is a very important aspect of one's Christian walk. One obvious way is through Sunday School. The beneifts are two-fold: (1) an opportunity to study God's word and apply it to our everyday lives and (2) meet and get to know a small group of people that suppport and nurture each other.


Sunday School Options

Friendship Class - Room 203
Various class memebers teach. Currently this class is studying "Present Word" (Cooperative Uniform Lesson Series) It is a very popular class and has about 30 peropl each Sunday, There is always room for one more!
Oscar Smith/Hugh Carpenter Class - Room 103 (Parlor)
Dr. Joe Blackshear and Bill Green, teachers. This class is two classes that have joined togehter. One was a men's class and the other w women's class, both of which are senior adults. In combining the two classes there is more opportunity to hear a variety of teachers. Theis class is studying "Standard NIV Bible Student."
Pairs and Spares - Room 212
Johnny Cothran, teacher. This class is a combination of singels and marrieds, mostly middle age. This class is studying "Present Word" (Cooperative Uniform Lesson Series). There are about 15-20 men and women in this class.
Servants and Seekers Class - Fellowship Hall
Bill Tidwell, teacher. This class focuses on discipleship, featuring the "Mastering Life" series developed by Bill Tidwell and Tom Suren. This program looks at specific issues relating to being an effective disciple. "Mastering the Use of Wealth," "Handling Difficult Scriptures," "Finding and Using the Gifts of the Spirit," and "Mastering Anger and Resentment" are just a few of the topics tha have been addressed. All ages welcome.
Genesis Class - Room 215
Chris Warren, teacher. This class was started by the former pastor as a "get acqainted" with what Presbyterianism is all about. It has developed into an ongoing study. Currently they are studying the book of Romans led by Dr. Tom Lovell.